Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It's unusually hard for me to find music that I can't stop banging my head to no matter what. In this case, it's music that makes me want to buy a 24-pack of beer, wipe the dust off my N64, and play Super Smash Bros. with my roommates until we get wasted. I found this incredible 8-bit band, and they even let you download their whole discography! Follow the link in the description of the Youtube vid.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Some Music

First, welcome to my blog. Since I am constantly finding music that I have never heard before, I have decided to keep a blog in which I will try to introduce one artist or song that I.....and hopefully you too have not heard. Like it or hate it, the point is to be exposed to new music. I urge you to listen to the music (I will try to put in a link to the music when possible) and even comment if you want!.....suggestions for similar bands or songs are always appreciated too.

I will start today with a band I found on Youtube. The Protomen is an amazing band based on the chronicles of the Megaman video game series. Yes, this band is based on a video game. Feel free to comment on the song!